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The village Bezdědovice celebrated in 2006 already the 820th anniversary of its foundation. This South Bohemian village, together with townships Dobšice and Paštiky, is situated in a picturesque country of South Bohemia, surrounded by forests with many spinneys, walks, woody granite hilltops – hursts and several fish-ponds, that create wonderful shelters for wild ducks, swans, diving-ducks, shorebirds and in addition to this, this ambient affords also feed to the white stork. Damp and rocky pastures that frequently accompany and go together with the fish-ponds create a specific ambient for nesting possibilities of many bird species that are not elsewhere found, such as a tattler, cheeper or black-tailed godwit. During centuries, the woodlands have changed and experienced a certain evolution. The main and already permanent deforestation of the territory Bezdědovice, as well as the whole suburb Blatná, begun as early as the Middle Ages, when a well-marked change in the quantitative representation of tree species took place. Ever since conifers and birch sylvae have replaced the summer forests. Another substantial chages took place during the 19th century, in particular in its second half. Together with the ingoing industrial development, the demand for a quality and good marketable wood has cumulated. In consequence of such demand, the original mixed forests with the marked abundance of oak and beech have been replaced by spruce monocultures even in localities, that have been for spruce forests pronouncedly unfavourable. This practice has today a very negative effect on the forestry in view of the fact that even a moderate storm causes heavy damages to the spruce forests.

The cadastral territory of the village occupies 582 hectares, inclusive the townships Paštiky and Dobšice, that have not their own cadastral territories. The scenic scope of Bezdědovice with neighbouring localities creates a balances regional milieu in the framework of the whole cadaster.

Community facilities

The scope of services and facilities corresponds essentially to the possibilities of this territory and to its locating in the vicinity of the town Blatna (3 km). A more significant development ot the village has been limited by the exigence of a successive buildup of infrastructure, which the village missed. A rural character of the estate, that includes 98 % of the family houses, formulates at the same time a proprietary structure with the prevailing private properties. Many houses serve for recreational activities and are not permanently occupied. From the total amout of 163 house numbers, 55 houses serve to a recreation.

All public services, in particular in the field of kindergartens and primary schools, health and social services, commercial services in form of a basic point-of sale network, repair services and actvities of craftsmen, in particular sanitary and personal services, public houses and accomodation potentials, financial services, facilities in the field of cultural activities, out-of-school educations, are situated in the town Blatná.

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